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Font Management in OS X El Capitan

Upgrading to the latest Mac operating system certainly has its perks, but one drawback is opening up Illustrator or InDesign only to discover an out-of-control font list. What may have once been a carefully curated short list of go-to fonts has now ballooned to monolithic proportions with fonts you wouldn't dare even use on a flyer for a lost pet. This can be a real headache, scrolling for seeming miles to locate a font that used to be within sight.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/font-management and Font Management in OS X El Capitan
A Few of My Favorite Things – A Holiday Wish

With just about a week to go before arguably the best holiday of the year, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a merry Christmas and many blessings for the new year ahead. In fact, to do that, I created a visual list of a few of my favorite things that I am wishing for you in 2015.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/a-few-of-my-favorite-things and A Few of My Favorite Things – A Holiday Wish
#TBT – A Decade of Figuring it Out

It was April, 2004. Four amazing years were coming to a close and I was walking across a stage in front of my peers and family. In that moment I was "done" – I had just completed the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life. I had earned my college degree. But this end also marked a new beginning, and the next leg of my journey would prove to be even more thrilling. The decade that followed has led me through my start in the design field: some entry-level jobs, some longer stints at an agency and a large church, and eventually the opening of my own business; not to mention lifelong friendships, a beautiful woman I now call my wife, and the birth of my two children. A lot can happen in ten years!

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/tbt-a-decade-of-figuring-it-out and #TBT – A Decade of Figuring it Out
Our Early Christmas Gift

This little guy surprised us – not due until a week after the new year, we were in for a bit of a shock as we found ourselves en route to the hospital three weeks early. Fortunately, we had just packed our bags for the hospital the night before, and in a sweet twist of irony, my wife finished sewing Levi's baby blanket just 15 minutes before we needed to leave. Fourteen hours later, in the middle of the night, our son was born…

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/our-early-christmas-gift and Our Early Christmas Gift
DIY Lettering

As a graphic designer, I spend much of my time setting type, choosing fonts, and working with letterforms. But the artist in me is always looking for ways to customize and craft these pre-designed glyphs into something unique. There are all kinds of tricks out there to do just that… applying layer effects in Photoshop, adding texture, roughing it up with various filters and masks, warping the shape of the text, and so on and so forth. But even with all of these tools and methods to digitally transform type, there is nothing that can truly rival the art of hand-lettered text.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/diy-lettering and DIY Lettering
Building a Shoe

I love doing work for non-profits, but even more so when the project entails promoting a fun event like the annual Lawndale 5K race. I started designing for Lawndale Christian Health Center last summer and my ad illustration promoting last year's race was our first project together, although I was too late to the game to design the rest of the promotional materials for the race as they had already been completed. So I was pretty excited when they approached me again this year

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/building-a-shoe and Building a Shoe
Building a Brand: Web Presence

Welcome to the final article in this three-part series on building a brand. Since some time has passed since the first two… let's review. In part one, we saw that a brand begins at the level of the product it represents. If the product is poor, then no amount of fancy design or clever marketing is going to make up for that.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/building-a-brand-web-presence and Building a Brand: Web Presence
Building a Brand: The Product

It was just one month after I started my business that a friend of mine connected me with a client who would quickly become the single greatest source of ongoing work for me… a little operation out of Birmingham, AL known as Axletree Media. Not exactly a household name, but their products have helped hundreds if not thousands of churches across the nation establish a viable online presence.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/building-a-brand-the-product and Building a Brand: The Product
Won't You Be My Valentine?

'Tis the week for wooing and swooning (and sometimes spewing), and as such, I'm pleased to present a series of pieces I did for Rosewood Park Alliance Church to promote their annual Valentine's event. This year, the event includes a comic stand-up routine, so rather than take a typical approach for a church-sponsored …

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/wont-you-be-my-valentine and Won't You Be My Valentine?
Hello Christmas

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of year. Well, besides the warmth and beauty of spring, I should say, but I'm talking about holidays here. Christmas is definitely the best. No matter if the 11 months that proceeded were good or bad, Christmas is a time when all can be made right through the spirit of giving.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/hello-christmas and Hello Christmas
Getting Back to the Basics (Sort of…)

I've discovered the longer I design, the more certain trends start to appear, not just in my work but in my processes, as well. The way I originally learned how to create a new composition was to begin with a simple sketch.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/getting-back-to-the-basics-sort-of and Getting Back to the Basics (Sort of…)
The Death of Perfectionism

The third issue of Sunday| Magazine hits inboxes this morning, and with it a graphic I designed for the cover article entitled, "The Death of Perfectionism." The topic of perfectionism is one that I immediately gravitated to because it has long served the dual role of strength and weakness in my life.

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/the-death-of-perfectionism and The Death of Perfectionism
Happy Birthday to Me

I gave myself an early birthday present over the weekend… a new desk from IKEA and an Apple 27" cinema display. Okay, it's actually a present (*ahem, expense) for my business... let's get that part straight so I can write it off next year…

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/happy-birthday-to-me and Happy Birthday to Me
Reentering the Land of Social Media

It's been a month and a half since I vowed to fast from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yes, even Words with Friends. I knew it would be a challenge to give it up completely, but now at the end of Lent season, I am glad I did it. Here's a few things I've learned from living unplugged:

http://comingsoon.hellothisisjeff.com/blog/reentering-the-land-of-social-media and Reentering the Land of Social Media