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Meghan 3.0

My wife Meghan decided to go on a Facebook fast for Advent. No posting, no checking. However, her birthday (the big 3-0 I might add) was right in the middle of this which meant she couldn't even check her wall for birthday well-wishers. So I decided to do a little something special and take the messages people left on her wall and turn them into custom-designed cards… each one unique and stamped with the person's name and time of posting. If she couldn't come to Facebook, then I was going to bring Facebook to her. I printed the cards, hole-punched them, and strung them up as decorations at Meghan's birthday dinner at the Melting Pot. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do all the posts (had to cut them off around 1pm), but I did finish 30 of them before the dinner… which ended up a fitting number for the birthday girl. :) Besides being a fun surprise for my wife, it also gave me a chance to design around some cool fonts I've been meaning to use. Here's a look at some of the designs…