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CCHF Conference

Client |   Christian Community Health Fellowship

2012 Conference

Key art designed to promote and brand CCHF’s (Christian Community Health Fellowship) annual conference. The organization helps educate, encourage, and equip Christians to live out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. The theme of “Faith in the Trenches” was used to encourage medical professionals in what is often trying and difficult work in providing quality healthcare to underserved patients.



Once the brand graphic was completed, the design was incorporated into a tri-fold self-mailer brochure to promote the event. Recipients were surprised to find that the brochure folded out into a 16×16-in poster that could be hung on break room bulletin boards, for instance, providing extended exposure and promotion for the conference.


I also had the opportunity to attend the conference and assume the role of official event photographer. Following are some of the shots I captured of how the brand graphic was implemented across various media for the actual event. (The layouts for the conference materials shown below were expertly executed by Jason Stevens.) The conference took place in Nashville, TN on Belmont University’s campus, May 31 to June 2, 2012.